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After 12 months of observing the seven types of wild birds which frequently visit our garden and after many failed attempts to photograph them, I think I have worked out how I am going to capture the birds so I can build my portfolio for Getty Images.  

As follows:-

  1. Blue Tits (pictured Below). The Blue Tits visit the feeders all day long however, they tend to be most active in numbers around 8.30am, 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 4pm.  I can capture Blue Tit's easily.
  2. Goldfinch.  We have two Goldfinch's which come in daily since I put out Sunflower Hearts in the feeders.  The challenge is they both have no pattern and are very random visitors.  Just going to have to sit out and wait!!!
  3. Woodpecker.  Up in till recently, we only had one Red Headed Woodpecker visiting our garden.  Now there is two.  These birds are very shy though and never come into the garden when I have my hide set up.  I really want to capture the Woodpecker but I think I will need a longer lens then I currently have so I can put my hide further away from the feeders.
  4. Blackcap.  A Stunning grey bird with a black head which is about the same size as an adult Blue Tit.  A  very recent addition to the garden and an all day visitor.  Won't be long before I have an image!
  5. Red Robin.  Already bagged him!  Next steps are to get a variety of images for my portfolio. Click this link to see the image:- 
  6. Great Tit.  A similar bird to the Blue Tit but with a slightly bigger body, longer beak and a thick black strip down his face and chest.  Again, like the Woodpecker, will not come to the feeders when the hide is set up.
  7. Long Tailed Tit.  A lovely small bird however, soooooo difficult to photograph.  He moves so quick making it difficult to capture a sharp image.  Practise makes perfect though.

My challenge is having the time to devote to capturing the images I want and need so it is going to be a slow process developing my portfolio of wild birds.

Blue TitBlue Tit



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