A new lens for image:captured - the Canon 300mm F4L IS USM

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Earlier this week I invested into a new lens - The Canon 300mm F4L IS USM.  This lens is another excellent lens from the Canon 'L' series which is best known for it's sharpness.  It is regarded as one of  the best 'L Series' within it's focal range second only to it's big brother the 2.8L.  However, many professional photographers claim they can not see the difference between the two in overall image quality only in the price tag!  The 2.8L version costs four times as much as the F4L.  At 300mm it has enough focal range to feel long however is relatively light and being a member of the famous 'L Series' this lens is incredibly well built.

I purchased this lens for wildlife photography when I am on the move, hence the light weight of this lens was particularly attractive to me.  In addition, I will use this lens when photographing events when the reach of my Canon 70-200mm 2.8L is not quite long enough.  For more insight into the gear I use here at image:captured, see my tools of the trade page:-


The Canon 300mm F4L IS USM is pictured below.

Canon 24-70mm 2.8LCanon 24-70mm 2.8L

The Canon 300mm F4L IS USM lens is my forth 'L Series' Canon Lens and has received many superb reviews and recommendations.  

When ever I purchase a new Canon 'L' series lens, I always have a battle with my inner perfectionist regarding the overall image quality...... will it be as good as my Canon 24-70mm 2.8L???? (Pictured left).

The Canon 24-70mm USM 2.8L was my first L series lens and is my preferred choice of lens for 70% of the work I do.  The Canon EF 24-70mm USM  2.8L lens is an impressively high performing zoom lens. I regard it as one of the best general purpose lenses available and for the same reasons, it is one of the most-professionally-used Canon lenses. This lens is as good as it gets in this focal length range.  This lens is a cracking all rounder and produces very clear, highly detailed and extremely sharp images.  It is  is the 'bread and butter' wedding and portrait lens for many professional photographers.

I have not had chance to properly road test my new Canon 300mm F4L IS USM lens.  Watch this space.


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